Welcome to the website of the Department of Production and Management Engineering of the Democritus University of Thrace. Our department aims at creating tomorrow’s leaders in the field of innovation. In this spirit, our students are prepared in multiple fields to be able to follow their careers within a wide dynamic global environment. The title “Production and Management” does not probably fully reflect the range of skills that our graduates acquire. Production and Management Engineers plan, implement and continuously improve systems that include one or more of the following: human resources, materials, information, infrastructure, and energy products. So, they are typically occupied with project management, process optimization, supply chain analysis, process improvement, systems integration and production planning.

In all the above areas bear a common component, namely “efficiency’’. Across spectrum of the branch of Production and Management Engineering efficiency is always under examination and our department ensures that our graduates acquire the right tools so that they can respond to the challenges that arise due to the constant demand for improved efficiency. So it is not a coincidence that it is said that ‘the Production and Management Engineers can find how things work better. For all these reasons our graduates exhibit a high employment rate at national but mainly at the international level.